• Leaving Your Fat Behind
    By: Dr. Nina Cherie Franklin

    A Woman's Guide to Weight Loss and Long-Term Weight Control

    Leaving Your Fat Behind highlights the process of weight loss and long-term weight control as a means of preventing obesity and obesity-related diseases. Dr. Franklin addresses the vicious weight gain-loss-gain cycle that affects a large percentage of women who are currently dieting to lose weight. She arms readers with realistic and practical strategies for breaking the cycle, indefinitely.

    Achieving optimal health is a journey, not a destination. Leaving Your Fat Behind represents a first step in that journey. Given that being overweight or obese dramatically increases the risk of health problems and premature death, Dr. Franklin believes that everyone should work towards making weight control a way of life.

    Through this book she seeks to make people aware of the importance of proper nutrition and a physically active lifestyle by providing the information, advice and guidance necessary for achieving and maintaining good health through weight control.


    Leaving Your Fat Behind
  • Why You Should
    Read This Book

    Achieving Permanent Weight Loss Is Easier Than You Think

    Leaving Your Fat Behind answers the types of questions I frequently hear during workshops, seminars and lectures as well as from fitness professionals, students, clients, friends and family.

    The information you’ll read in these pages is based on accurate, science-backed data in the areas of health, fitness and nutrition drawn from my 15 plus years of combined experience in personal and group training, weight loss consulting and conducting exercise-related research.


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